Stacey Dash Hit with Suspension from Fox News for Anti-Obama Remarks

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Actress Stacey Dash has been hit with a two-week suspension by Fox News for making vulgar comments while reviewing President Obama’s terrorism speech from last night.

Dash is an outspoken, long-time foes of Obama. In a statement, Fox executive Bill Shine explained that swearing on live television doesn’t cut it.

Stacey Dash offered her opinion — with the one word partially bleeped out — in the context of Obama apparently rushing off after the nationally televised speech to attend a social event.

“It’s ridiculous. His speech was an epic fail. It was like when you have to go to dinner with your parents, but you have a party to go to afterwards, that’s what it felt like. He was just trying to get through it so he could go to this event afterwards. I did not feel any better. I didn’t feel any passion from him. I felt like he could give a sh** — excuse me — like he could care less…today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor; his speech should have had a lot more passion…where is Winston Churchill when we need him.”


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