What Beauty Means To Black Women In Different Countries

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What Beauty Means To Black Women In Different Countries –

Model Georgia Reign in ‘They Define Beauty’- Watch video below

Huffington Post – Beauty isn’t only defined by superficial means and can take on different interpretations from person to person. “Pretty” is a documentary-series where Antonia Opiah travels from country to country asking black women, “what is pretty?”

Director Opiah asks each woman in the different episodes what they consider pretty, when they first became aware of their appearance and to share the prominent beauty ideals from their respective countries.

The docu-series has episodes in five countries, so far, with episodes in Casablanca and Tel Aviv coming soon, said Opiah. She has posted 16 episodes, each running about four to six minutes, from different women she’s interviewed in Milan, London and Paris on her YouTube channel.

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