2015 Best Nine Photos with Platinum Selling Artist Kreesha Turner

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2015 Best Nine Photos with Platinum Selling Artist Kreesha Turner –

Platinum selling artist and “SEXY GAL” Kreesha Turner may have been afraid of what her mother might do to her for breaking rules growing up in Jamaica. But now, Kreesha is breaking out of her shell with her 2015BestNine photos on her Facebook Fanpage. [Scroll down for video]

Here’s what Kreesha shared with Vibe on Being Raised in Both Canada and Jamaica:

“I was born in Canada, but raised both in Canada and Jamaica. My first time setting foot on the island of Jamaica was at 8 months old, and I’ve been on that island almost every year of my life. I went to high school there but I got deported by my mother [laughs].”

“My mother, who’s the Jamaican, and my father, the Canadian, were very, very strict growing up. So I was actually scarred sh*tless of my mom. I did not break my mother’s rules. I was not allowed to go anywhere. Really, I wasn’t allowed to do anything, just go home, school and church — pretty much. And I broke my first rule, so I got in trouble on a Friday, and I was on a plane the next Friday back to Canada.”

So, what would Mom think about these hot photos circulating? Hopefully, she doesn’t mind!


Watch video – Kreesha Turner – Sexy Gal ft. T.O.K.

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