Black Pastors Boycott Chicago Mayor’s MLK Breakfast

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Black Pastors Boycott Chicago Mayor’s MLK Breakfast –

(The Root) – For three decades, Chicago mayors have hosted the event to honor the life of the slain civil rights leader. It also provides an opportunity for the city’s black leaders and elected officials to sit down together. But the event, held on Friday, was a lightning rod of protest. About 20 demonstrators blocked the hotel entrance, shouting, “Shame on you.”

Prominent black pastors boycotted the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Interfaith Breakfast hosted by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Tribune reports.

A small group of the ministers, standing outside the venue, said more than 100 pastors chose to boycott the breakfast. They were protesting Emanuel’s alleged role in an attempt to cover up the police shooting of Laquan McDonald. Read more at The Root.

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