Jazmine Gondola: Let Me Blow Your Mind Into a Better Perspective and Create a Better You

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A Journey to Putting the Mind Into Better Perspective and Creating a Better You –

Jazmine Gondola

I have made it a life mission to ensure, inspire and motivate others to be able to believe in themselves and know that no one is ALONE. You can make anything possible in your life. You just have to be hungry for it and truly have the faith inside you without a doubt.

I am here to encourage you to help you, guide you along your journey to create a better you! Not just the physical but in the inside as well! Everyone deserves to be happy and truly be able to believe in themselves and have nothing less than 100% love for themselves.

Looking back really helps me put my mind into better perspective. I have truly come a long way and it’s been such a journey for me and sometimes I forget.

It’s important to remember where you came from in order to continue to push through where you’re at today. I truly wish to inspire and motivate not just women, but everyone to believe in yourself. And don’t let anyone or anything stop or stray you away from what you want. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Before and After

Before and After

I’ve had my share of hardships and struggles. People waste time feeding their energy in all the wrong places women work hard to beat one another and tear each other apart some even call themselves friends. No one is better than the other person everyone has their own way. I am not perfect nowhere close, but what I am is strong.

There is no competition because I don’t measure myself or compare myself to anyone. I am my own person who is trying to figure out life like everyone else. I let God light the path for me to walk. I am a positive person who refuses to view life in a negative manner.

Take the time out to see all the good around you. The fact that you woke up, were able to eat, have a job, even have a cell phone. Those things are simple things that we take for granted that can easily be taken away. By noticing those things and taking the time out to truly appreciate them I guarantee you will feel and have true happiness. Keep pushing in whatever it is you want to do. And do it with a smile.


Follow me on my journey to reach out and motivate others to achieve their goals! It’s not where you start it’s how you FINISH!

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