In the Business of Doing Good: Joojos Shoes Co-founder, Ama Yawson

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In the Business of Doing Good: Joojos Shoes Co-founder, Ama Yawson

Ama Yawson and her husband, Charles, co-founded Joojos, an artisanal children’s shoe company. Brooklyn, NY-based Joojos empowers Black children through shoes and storytelling and helps children in Ghana. Joojos shoes are made from Italian leathers and are partially handcrafted in Romania. They donate all of our children’s used Joojos shoes to Ghanian children in need.

Ama is also the author of a children’s book entitled, “Sunne’s Gift: How Sunne Overcame Bullying to Reclaim God’s Gift,” published through her company, Milestales.

Yawson, an attorney, author, publisher, entrepreneur and educator, earned a BA from Harvard University, an MBA from the Wharton School and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Her parents are from Ghana, West Africa.

Watch Entrepreneur Profile: Ama Yawson, Joojos Shoes [Video link]

Ama gives the details about her business plans. Read more…

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