Change Your Whole Body Doing This One Exercise For 28 Days!

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Change Your Whole Body Doing This One Exercise For 28 Days!

Doing this simple move for at least 2 minutes a day is a great overall strength training exercise to tighten your core, arms, legs. Pair this 28 day workout with healthy eating, and it’s a great start to a fit healthy body. You’ll see results in no time!

What you do for a standard plank is put your hands directly under your shoulders and keep them there. The back of your knees should be towards the ceiling.

If this is too hard you can drop to your knees, and drop your hips and make a modified plank. Or you can go onto your elbows. Start off by holding your plank for 20 seconds, then gradually increase the time.

Source: 28 day Plank Challenge

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