Five Spirit Airline’s Passengers Arrested in Fight Over Loud Music

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According to reports, a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles was taxiing at LAX when two  women decided to unwind with loud music.

 “Two customers, who appeared to be intoxicated, were playing loud music on (a) portable speaker,” Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry wrote in an email to CNN. “Several other customers asked them if they could turn down their music. The first two ladies refused to do so and stated ‘What are you going to do?’ Then to provoke the other customers, they were holding their speaker in the air taunting the customers who had asked to have the music turned down. This prompted the second group of customers to approach the first group and a fight broke out.”
Airport police and FBI agents detained the women after the aircraft reached its gate, but no arrests were made. Naturally the fracas was recorded by several passengers who posted the videos on their Instagram accounts:

Soon As The Plane Landed…..The Drama Started…!! LATrip DrunkFlightLeadToFight @emdot13 @jazz_jolly @clarkkentmarley

A video posted by GREENLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT (@greenlight.entertainment) on

Source: EURweb

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