Fitness Model Yumi Loera Inspires Us To Get Physical

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In the  exuberant city of Acapulco, Mexico in 1992,  parents, Miguel Loera and Tomasita Hernandez witnessed the birth of an angel who was destined for greatness.  When their youngest child Yumi Loera Hernandez was born,  just as most all parents do, Miguel and Tomasita dreamed of a better life for their three children.  But, they could hardly have imagined the journey of fulfilled dreams that lay ahead for their daughter Yumi.

From a very early age, Yumi was active in all sorts of sports and she was very comfortable performing in front of others.  Yumi started pursuing her dream of modeling as early as age 12 and by age 14, she found herself attending the internationally renowned John Casablanca Modeling School.  She credits the school for helping her discover her talent for the runway and being in front of the camera.


While still in her early teens, Yumi was  offered modeling contracts with Elite modeling, but found that she really had a passion for pageants as well.  So, she entered and won the Miss Mexico and Miss Chica Carolina pageant.  And most recently, Miss North Carolina Latina.   Her athleticism, popularity, and ambition yielded her a gig as a back up dancer for a Reggaeton artist and she also signed on with Univision 40 in Raleigh, NC as a TV personality.

Yumi has always wanted to give back to her community. And she feels that by setting the example of adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle, she can help promote mental and physical change in the lives of others. She is passionate about fitness and she’s also aware that many women struggle with body image issues. So, she has set her sites on using her love for fitness and the camera to help encourage others to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

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“Growing up I was a very active kid and after a few years of performing in pageants that required a certain type of physique, I decided to push myself mentally and physically in the gym.  It was more than just looking in the mirror at a skinny frame that inspired me.   One day, I jumped off the treadmill and picked up a set of weights and after a few months I saw dramatic results and was motivated to push harder.  I remember the hardest thing about working out was finding the motivation to just start.  Now, I’m not only motivating and inspiring others, but I’m also proving to individuals that with consistency and dedication you can create a healthy lifestyle and the body you always wanted.”

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