Usain Bolt Grins As He Speeds By Competitors for His Third Gold Medal

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Usain Bolt won the men’s 100 meters in Rio, retaining his status as the fastest man in the world.  On Sunday, Bolt faced off with American sprinter, Justin Gatlin in the 100 meters.   At the sound of the gun, Gatlin fired off the blocks and led the pack with Bolt struggling to pull his 6 foot 5 inch frame together and catch up to Gatlin.  At the 50 meter mark, Bolt had gained so much momentum and speed that he appeared to flash by the rest of the runners like a bolt of lightning, grinning for the camera as he flew by all the other runners and Gatlin.  Australian photographer Cameron Spencer captured that moment below.

Usain Bolt Smiles

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

 “I think there’s no greater athlete on the planet at the moment,” he tells NPR’s Ari Shapiro.  “What people love about him, and what photographers love about him as well, is he’s such an entertainer,” Spencer says. “He’s so confident and he plays up to the crowd, and I think when he walks into that stadium, it’s electric. And last night was no different.”

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