Mariah Carey Works Out in Heels and Fishnets Pics & Video

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Mariah Carey recently posed for some very interesting photos showing her working out. The photos were quite interesting and caught a lot of attention because Mariah showed the world that it was possible for her to work out in high heels and fishnets.  Some people really thought she was serious and seemed to be offended by the Instagram posts. Saying such things as, “This is disgusting. It’s offensive to people who actually work out. Please stop.”

Mariah later went on to make a final statement to fans, stating, “I was joking around people, hello? I don’t really ride the StairMaster in my high heels … but I would. Some people were taking what I was doing totally seriously, but I was just having fun. I thought it was funny!”

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

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