Texas Police Chief Placed Under Investigation for Arresting Miss Texas Pageant Winner

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According to reports, Police Chief Kerry Crews has been placed under investigation after he allegedly pulled over and called Miss Black Texas pageant winner, Carmen S. Ponder a “Black B—-h” for nothing more than being a responsible driver.

Ms. Ponder said that she was handcuffed, booked into jail and charged with evading arrest. She also spent 24 hours in jail.

According to Dallas News, the release says that Crews had been shopping at Wal-Mart when he became involved after two motorists got into a dispute in the parking lot. One motorist “failed to comply with [Crews’] requests.” That person was subsequently arrested for “evading arrest or detention.”

But Ponder gave a different account in a statement she shared Tuesday on Twitter.

She said she was driving to a Wal-Mart in Commerce on Saturday when she was cut off by a black truck that was driving erratically.

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Posted by Lee Merritt on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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