ItsKhryss Gives the Best Clap Back of 2017 Thus Far

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Not only does IG model ItsKhrysss have one of the best bodies on the gram, but she also has one of the best clap backs of 2017 thus far!

Back in March 2017 when Khrys was confronted by Noel Bianca regarding an incident with Shabazz Muhammad in which Bianca claimed to have slept with Muhammad, the beautiful and always poised Khrys handled the situation in the most self-assured manner.

In an odd turn of events,  Bianca notified Khrys via text asking Khrys to hit up Muhammad because he had just ditched her after having sex and she needed help getting a flight back home from Oregon.   Khrys clapped back with: “Not my man.  Not my problem.”  Now,  that may go down as one of the best clap backs ever!

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