How the Inventor of “The Cut Buddy” Found Success With YouTube Marketing

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Joshua Esnard, the inventor of The Cut Buddy, a tool used as a template that helps with haircuts and beard shaping, found success using YouTube marketing and boosted sales of his invention by over 2,000 %.

Joshua Esnard tampered with electronics while growing up in St. Lucias.  Around the age of 12, he began cutting his own hair and as a solution to numerous awful haircuts, at age 13, he designed a plastic template that enabled him to cut his hairline with precision just as a professional barber would.

The Cut Buddy which is a hand-held tool, featuring multiple edges and curves for a variety of hairline finishes has sold over 75,000 units thanks to YouTube.  Joshua Esnard relied on YouTube influencer marketing to quickly boost sales of The Cut Buddy.

Esnard told that he found talented people on YouTube to help promote his product.  ” I scouted YouTube for some handsome and talented individuals who would look great with my product that had audiences I thought would be interested in The Cut Buddy. I eventually found some influencers in that respective niche that had great beards, cutting techniques, or hair in general. I sent them the product and had them use it and share the videos on their channels and it all snowballed from there. I recruited Nick Wavy, 360 Waves Process, BRDGNG, and WEZSTYLES first. I offered them a coupon code in exchange for a percentage of a sale that came from their channel. Our daily sales volume went up by 2000% in that period because of that YouTube influencer marketing.”

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