Drea and Lex : How to Get More Followers on Instagram [Watch]

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When you put a lot of time and effort into taking what you think is a perfect photo, only to post the pic on Instagram and receive just a few likes a few followers, you might feel ready to throw in the towel.  But don’t give up just yet.  Social media influencers, Drea and Lex explain how to get more followers on Instagram.  In the end it all boils down to quality over quantity.

Instagram: @dreanicoleee

Tiara Lexie and Andrea Nicole explain why it is not only important to have good photos, but why it is also important to know what it entails to get your pose on like a professional! In this tutorial the two ebony beauties have a lot of fun inserting comedy into the art of posing for and posting photos on the gram. Scroll down for the video.

Instagram: @Lex_p


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