Flattering and Fabulous: The Kimono Worn as a Dress

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As flattering as it is fabulous, the Kimono Dress worn by model Selam is a brown Silk Kimono Dress crafted by Grass Fields.  The African print fabrics are  sourced from Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana and sometimes Ivory Coast.   The Kimono is a long, loose robe with wide sleeves tied with a sash.  The garment was originally worn as a formal garment in Japan but today the Kimono is worn by women all over the globe.  The unique pattern and wrap style of the Kimono complements any woman of any body type.   Below,  in her out fit of the day, model Selam decided to wear her Kimono as a wrap dress.

Photo Instagram @_selam

Check out “Selam is Bringing New Heat.”

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