Pamela Harris – Life at Face Value Episode 1: Butt Naked with a Headband

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Pamela Harris and Mr. Face | ‘Butt Naked with a Headband’ Life at Face Value

Pam Harris1What does a guy/girl have to do to get the attention of a person they are interested in? How far should they have to go? Should they actually have to show up at their door BUTT NAKED WITH A HEADBAND? In this episode we will talk about first impressions and how to get them right. Welcome to Life at Face Value.

People were curious to know more about the female featured in Life at Face Value’s First Podcast Episode.  So, Chocolate Informed went investigating and found  a few photos of  Pamela Harris.  In this episode Pam explains why she doesn’t allow men to buy her drinks and why she would rather dance with her girlfriends…


Taking life at face value…relationships, music, art, social media…Mr. Face and his guests get realer than real in an attempt to fix our lives…. Listen to the podcast here.

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