Serena Williams on the Cover of VOGUE’s Fitness Issue

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Serena Williams on the Cover of VOGUE’s Fitness Issue | Chocolate Informed Online Magazine

by Chelsey Wilkins UPTOWN Magazine


Serena Williams is ‘Working It’ on the cover of VOGUE Magazine’s Fitness Issue. Looks like the tennis champion is winning a lot more than just matches these days, cause there is no denying that she is hot, hot, HOT on the brand new April 2015 issue.

In a blue body hugging Rag & Bone cocktail dress and natural curly hair, Serena demands our attention as she shows off her chiseled arms and curvaceous figure. In the hot-off-the-press issue, Serena talks about everything from living the single life at 33-years-old, how she’s shy around men, to how she keeps her body fit. She also shares what its like to compete with her older sister Vanessa Williams.

On dating and interacting with men:

“I am really shy. I don’t talk to guys. Friends? Yes. But a potential? No. I get nervous that I will say the wrong thing, and then I just start laughing.”

On how she keeps her body fit:

“Nowadays everybody goes to the gym. But when I won my first Grand Slam, I had never been.” Even then, however, she was ambivalent about her naturally muscular physique, refusing to lift weights lest her arms get bigger. “I hated my arms,” she remembers. “I wanted them to look soft.” To this day, she uses TheraBands instead of weights to avoid overdeveloping her muscles.

On competing with her sister:

“I don’t look at Venus on the court. I can’t,” she said. “If I am winning, I might feel sorry for her. If I’m losing, I will want to knock her out.”

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Read more of Serena Williams’ VOGUE issue here.

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