Louis Tinsley Photography – Taking Drama to Another Level

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Louis Tinsley Photography – Taking Drama to Another Level

When it comes to nailing down dramatic lighting and color grading, Louis gets the job done. Louis Tinsley is a DC based photographer specializing in portraits and fashion.  He got his start shooting headshots for lawyers, doctors, and lobbyists in DC.  He also freelanced, shooting events and products.

Smooth Tinsley12939_nHe is graduate of Norfolk State University (NSU) with a degree in Journalism. Writing is a big part of who Louis Tinsley is and ultimately writing led him towards photography.

Growing up, he had a strong interest in film and TV.  While in college, he  went on to collaborate with other students and made a couple of short films.

During the filming process, he purchased a camera in hopes to bring more short films to life and hasn’t put the camera down since.

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Contact Louis directly by e-mail for pricing.   E-mail:




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