Model Aracat – 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Aracat Cannady

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Chocolate Informed caught up with the Model Aracat Cannady after her recent photo shoot for GGurls. In this article we reveal 14 things you didn’t know about Aracat.

Where are you from? Raleigh, NC

How long have you been modeling?  7 years

Are single? No

What are your measurements? 34 26 36

What’s your favorite body part? My captivating eyes

Would you date someone you met on the internet? I never say “never,” because you never know what may happen ! Lol! But I don’t think so. Too risky !

What do you want to accomplish? The sky is the limit ! I have so much that I want to accomplish! Right now my first and foremost goal Is to become a full time model. I believe we all should do what we love or else what’s the point ?

What turns you off? A person that’s always negative is a major turn off!Aracat9DD

What turns you on? A Luscious set of lips !

Favorite pair of jeans? My Levi’s high waist jeans !

Favorite pair of shoes? My black spiked red bottom pumps

What type of person are in interested in? A well mannered , respectable person

Where can our visitors find you on the internet?  @2deez @aracatcannady and for bookings :

Anything else you’d like to add? I’m just living to make dreams come to life !



 See more of Aracat’s photo shoot with GGurls


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