Naptural85 Wash Your Hair More Theory to Grow Out Your Natural Hair

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Naptural85 Wash Your Hair More Theory to Grow Out Your Natural Hair.

After all the experimenting, Naptural85, also known as Whitney is  ready to grow her natural hair back to long and healthy! But this second time around, she introduces a hair growth “theory” that she plans to test out to see if it’ll get her length back quicker! Here’s how she plans to grow out her natural hair!

Her latest video theorizes about  washing her hair (or at least wetting it thoroughly more often) could encourage faster growth because:

  • Women with straight hair wash their hair a lot more often because their scalp gets build up easily
  • Naturals tend to hold off on washing their hair for months, thus not allowing fresh nutrients to penetrated the scalp
  • A quick wash could encourage cleaner hair; therefore, less breakage may occur

So, here are the steps Whitney will take to get her hair long again with a simple wash, and so can you!

  • Wash your hair with only water more often; at least 2-3 times a week
  • These washes do not necessarily involve using shampoo
  • Maintain simple, protective styles like two strand twists. Whitney has worn two strand twists a lot in her natural hair journey and now her hair is long and luscious!
  • Be sure to replenish your hair and scalp oils with an good penetrating oil.


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