Olivia Alexa: How Her Videos Go Viral and are Defining Entertainment of the Future

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Olivia Alexa: How Her Videos Go Viral and are Defining Entertainment of the Future –

Olivia Alexa has been racking up views on her Facebook videos and she just may be defining entertainment of the future by sending a strong message to others that you don’t need to strip, dance, or fight to get those views.

So, exactly what makes people view and share her videos? Well, Olivia Alexa originates content that is interesting, entertaining, and provocative. She’s not afraid to take on topics that we all want to talk about, but are afraid to because our opinion may not be the popular one. For instance, her most recent video posted just  a week ago, has reached well over 1 million views and she gets into a discussion around 5 Reasons Women can’t find a Good Man.

In the video she blames the woman. That’s right. Olivia doesn’t jump on the band wagon with other women to complain about the lack of good men. Instead, she points out the characteristics that women embrace that drive men away. Olivia seems to hit on a touchy subject and draws thousands of shares and increases her followers on each video she posts.

According to Kevin Allocco, Trends Manager at YouTube, three additional elements are required along with a video being interesting, entertaining, and provocative in order for the video to go viral.  Back in 2012, Allocca, explained that for a video to go viral, three things were required: tastemakers, ( someone like Steve Harvey or D.L. Hughley who could use their media outlets to introduce interesting and trending topics to a larger audience), communities of participation, and unexpectedness.

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Every minute, over 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube and in one minute, 358 days of YouTube video is uploaded to Facebook. Only a very small fraction of those videos ever go viral. So, in a world where anyone could be famous on the Internet by next Saturday, Olivia Alexa has emerged on the scene with not only one, but two viral videos to reach over 1 million views each. Could her videos define the entertainment of the future?

[View Olivia Alexa’s Video Post – 5 reasons you can’t find a man/husband!]

Olivia Alexa on YouTube

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