Interview with Paije Mangum, Hottest Hair Technician in Raleigh-Durham NC

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Interview with Paije Mangum, Hottest Hair Technician in Raleigh-Durham NC – Written By

Bryann Andrea Guyton

Bryann Andrea

I had the pleasure of interviewing the hottest hair technician in the Raleigh/Durham area, Paije Mangum.  After graduating from beauty school, 18 year old Paije found out she was pregnant with her daughter Payton. Taking a huge risk by moving her business to a living room corner of her mother’s house, Paije began Perfections by Paije. With the help of a few friends, Paije eventually had at least twenty clients a day! Today she has expanded to her own studio salon and travels back and forth from Durham, NC to Atlanta, GA, perfecting ladies of all trends and styles!

Watch this EXCLUSIVE Interview with Paije Mangum, the Hottest Hair Technician in Raleigh-Durham NC

Video Courtesy of Diamond District

About the Author: Bryann Andrea attends  Shaw University full time as a student athlete on the women’s basketball team. Along with college and a career in modeling, she continues to work with several marketing agencies, networking communication departments, and nonprofit organizations.  We are very excited to have Bryan Andrea as a contributing author and Brand Ambassador for  Chocolate Informed Online Magazine where she will be covering the latest celebrity and entertainment news, plus interviewing a variety of people for our featured articles.


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