Abidivabroni, Nigerian Entrepreneur Introduces Abidiva Abdominal Wrap

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Abidivabroni, Nigerian Entrepreneur Introduces Abidiva Abdominal Wrap –

Abidivabroni is an entrepreneur and mother of 4 Children from Accra Nigeria.  She’s on a mission to show women how to accent their curves the natural way.

Abidiva Abroni

Abidivabroni Tumblr

Abidiva Abdominal Wrap


Touted as  the thickest model on the planet,   Abidivabroni is getting noticed for her incredible abdominal binder.  Below she demonstrates how she incorporates her abdominal wrap into her daily regimen to get the desired results of the body wrap.

Read the article about Abidivabroni and view more photos on Memoirs of an Urban Gentleman.



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