Greg Hardy’s Rap Video Gets a Response from the NFL

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Greg Hardy’s Rap Video Gets a Response from the NFL –

On Saturday, a rap video featuring Greg Hardy surfaced around the internet and the NFL has finally made the following comments about the video and Greg Hardy:

“We spend a lot of time at the NFL educating our players on domestic violence and sexual assault. That’s what we control here, we control education. We control training, we control all the league does from a public perspective and public service, working with non-profit organizations. We can control that. So that everyone in the NFL family has the services and resources that they need if they need help.”

According to, Isaacson said the Cowboys have a good support staff, and in fact, executive vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson is on the NFL’s newly formed conduct committee. She said the Cowboys have formed close ties to Dallas-area advocates and groups against domestic violence and sexual assault.

The NFL Players Association released a statement regarding Hardy’s comments: “We prefer that all the networks and media pay more attention to players who have been recognized for their good deeds. Read more on the story…

Watch the video clip below:

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