Grow Your Personal Brand with this Weekly To-Do List and 5 Easy Steps

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Grow Your Personal Brand with this Weekly To-Do List and 5 Easy Steps –

In today’s economy, it is important to set yourself apart from others by identifying your uniqueness or put another way, branding yourself.  We all have the ability to be our own brand and how we go about communicating to others our skills and uniqueness can be the difference in a recent grad getting his or her first job or the seasoned employee climbing higher on the corporate ladder.  So if whether you’re a recent college graduate, seasoned employee, or an entrepreneur looking to grow your business and make your market in a particular industry, there are a few good tips you may wish to consider.

Kandia Johnson, highlights 6 Things You Can Do Every Week to Grow Your Personal Brand

  1. Stay up to date with relevant industry news.
  1. Promote your marketable skills and experiences via social networks.
  1. Engage on social media.
  1. Maintain your personal brand online and offline.

Building a brand is about embracing and promoting what makes you unique both online and offline. But keep in mind, regardless if you’re engaging with friends on Facebook, attending a company event, or hanging out with friends, maintain your reputation at all times. Stay true to who you are, be respectful, keep your word and create value for others.

Weekly Habits

  1. Create Content. One of the best ways to grow your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader is to create your own content. Build your own platform.
  1. Meet in person. Schedule a coffee date with a new professional contact or invite them to an industry event.
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Read the article and get a more detailed list…

Watch the video below: Branding Yourself – In 5 Easy Steps

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