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Over 300 Scholarships Available For Black, Minority, and Women Students

There are thousands of scholarship programs available to students of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and genders. However, there are at least 300 national scholarship opportunities that are specifically available to Black, minority and/or women students., a free online directory of scholarships and other

Rapper Big Sean’s Mogul Prep Program

In a series of workshops centered on teaching kids about all aspects of the music industry, rapper Big Sean has begun a Mogul Prep program. His ultimate goal is to introduce high school students to some of the more lucrative music careers that they can

Top 25 Internships for African-American and Minority Students in 2017

Internships afford students the opportunity to obtain valuable work experience and satisfy job qualification requirements.  The internship experience will also help enhance lessons learned in the classroom with hands on experience and give a more in-depth insight into a student’s career interests.    This is particularly



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