Lil Mama Clarifies “Suicidal” Comment and Why She’s Feeling Beat Up On

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Lil Mama spoke openly with VLAD TV about criticism she’s faced over the years.  During the conversation Lil Mama clarified a statement she made during a September 2015 interview with Complex, where she said that the amount of hate she got after crashing Jay Z & Alicia Key’s 2009 VMA performance could make someone “damn near suicidal.” The New York artist made it clear that she’s never been suicidal herself, but she added how she could understand how situations like that can make a person feel isolated and hopeless.

Watch video below.

Lil Mama also talks about how she relates to Chris Brown not being able to be forgiven by society for assaulting Rihanna because she felt like people would never move past her crashing Alicia and Jay’sperformance.

And she seemingly hinted that she feels like the superstars should have spoken up for her and told the general public to let it go since she became atarget of anger and numerous jokes.

“I did Tyra Banks Show. I did this show and this show, ‘oh yeah, I just want to apologize, apologize,’ and then they still beating on you and the people that’s involved, don’t pretty much come to your rescue or say like, ‘you know what, I was young before. I made mistakes. I been through this and I been through that. That was petty. That was light. It’s over. Leave it alone.’

“I just feel like, as a community, a lot of people just need to drop the ego and speak up and stop saying stuff behind computer or saying stuff behind…not even behind, stop sayingstuff before your computer like, ‘I understand,’ when you’re in a place of power and you can say something…and it doesn’t have to be circumstantial where you just addressing that person’s situation. You could be addressing it for your children in the future because bes believe, your children are going to make mistakes. And you’re going to see what it’s like if they’re not forgiven in the future.”

[via] Urban Belle

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