The Real Housewives of Atlanta Ratings Decline: Have Viewers Had Enough?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Ratings Decline: Have Viewers Had Enough? –

Viewers have been turning away from RHOA to the tune of 700,000 less viewers.  Have viewers grown tired of the same old phony, wanna be classy, but can’t buy class with money type of women being potrayed episode after episode?

LaLate reports that the previous Sunday’s episode of “RHOA,” which was promoted as “Boat Gate,” was down from its 2014 ratings share average of 3.5 as it delivered a 2.8 ratings share. Translated, that amounts to a loss of 700,000 viewers.

LaLate reported in early 2015 that RHOC delivered its highest ratings during the hilarious comedic cast trip in which debauchery allowed the women to be themselves, and allow viewers to laugh at them. This season, RHOA producers are depicting everyone ready to fight, and wives generally not liking each other.

Traditionally, BravoTV shows deliver higher ratings when the women are able to let loose and have fun, and sink in ratings when there is a revolving door of hatred. In short, viewers rather see cast members being hilarious in their shade and debauchery then getting kicked in the gut.

LaLate goes on to attribute the ratings slippage to “RHOA” losing its “beat.”
“Once perceived by viewers as the funniest of housewives shows, with hilarious testimonial jabs and comedic shade send-offs, this season the show is striving for depiction of fights, and anticipation of fights,” LaLate explained.

The negativity seems to be a turnoff for viewers.  So maybe it is time for the ladies to clean up their act or be put out with the rest of the trash.

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