Instagram Sensation Nude Yoga Girl, Who is She?

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Instagram Sensation Nude Yoga Girl, Who is She?

The Cut recently interviewed the new Instagram Sensation, Nude Yoga Girl and still her identity remains anonymous.   Nude Yoga Girl first appeared on Instagram less than a month ago. To a certain extent, her account is precisely as advertised: a girl, nude, doing yoga. But it looks like nothing else on yoga Instagram — or nudity Instagram, for that matter.

The account consists solely of dramatic black-and-white photos of the 25-year-old model and photographer doing advanced yoga poses in the buff, with expert use of shadows to keep things SFW. No mountaintops, no pine trees; no bedroom furniture or anything suggesting this is all an elaborate thirst trap. Occasionally she will wear shoes or jewelry, sometimes including fashion credits. It’s all calm, sophisticated, and as tasteful as a photo of a nude yoga girl can be.

In the past month, she’s accumulated more than 33,000 followers.  Read more…

Complex News – Instagram’s notorious anti-nudity guidelines, which many a brave warrior has tried to battle against (Chrissy Teigen, Chelsea Handler), have not stopped one woman’s account dedicated to photographing herself practicing yoga in the nude. The account, aptly titled @Nude_YogaGirl, features black and white photos of said woman contorting into different yoga poses as she offers tidbits of wisdom to her followers, the naked truth, if you will.


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