Balitmore Officer is Free After Mistrial, Legal Analyst Defends Marilyn Mosby

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Balitmore Officer is Free After Mistrial, Legal Analyst Defends Marilyn Mosby –

A judge’s declaration of a mistrial for officer William Porter on Wednesday in the death of Freddie Gray dealt a devastating blow to Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby‘s case.

And some critics claim that the mistrial puts the cases of the five other officers in jeopardy. These critics also say that Mosby may have rushed to charge the officers, a decision that came a month after Gray’s death.

But legal analyst Damario Solomon-Simmons tells NewsOne that neither Porter’s case, nor the other five are over–not by a stretch. Solomon-Simmons tells us what to look for next:

Wochit News – Officer William Porter is free. The jury in his murder trial deadlocked for the second day, forcing he judge to declare a mistrial. It’s a huge blow to the BlackLivesMatter movement, who had been hoping a guilty verdict would kickstart police accountability in the deaths of unarmed black men. It’s also a massive loss for Baltimore State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby.

The young attorney promised swift justice for Charm City’s killer cops. Instead, she wound up with a mistrial in her first attempt. Her prosecution of Porter got her hailed as a hero of Baltimore. But, in the end, Mosby could not get a jury to convict police officer William Porter in the death of Freddie Gray. It has not been decided whether she will seek a retrial.

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