Men’s Fashion with an Old School Stylish Working Man Inspired Look

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So why place importance on Men’s Blue collar fashion inspired by an old school stylish working man’s look? Well, the answer is simple. Because placing a bit of attention to how you dress may not only improve the functionality of your clothes, but also may increase both your personal comfort and your safety as you work.

Looking fashionably functional can also boost your confidence and bolster the impression you make on people. If you’re a blue collar man that holds down a job such as a plumber or electrician, you might find an important need to win clients and repeat business. So, your appearance can help win your customers’ trust.

“The way you dress, no matter what line of work you’re in, is about more than just appearance. Style in clothing is about expression of the self through selection and maintenance of gear that reflects the tastes and pride of the individual.” The Art of Manliness

The Urban Gentleman brings you the Men’s Fashion and Style Video Look Book featuring men’s fashion with an old school stylish working man’s look.

Check it out below.

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