Cavaliers Fall Again to the Golden State Warriors in a Rematch

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Cavaliers Fall Again to the Golden State Warriors in a Rematch –

On Christmas day, the Cavs got another crack at the Warriors in the same deafening arena against the same opponent, but still fell again to the Warriors in a 89-83 defeat.

It has been exactly 192 days since the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors. And last night, both teams seemed to play with some nervous reservations as players on both sides missed layups and free throws. When was the last time we saw Lebron James miss two free throws?

Last season, the Cavaliers were a beaten-up group. But last night, they had Love, who last season had injured his shoulder in the first round, they also had Kyrie Irving, who fractured his left kneecap in Game 1 of the Championships last season. So, with a healthy squad, the Cavs still couldn’t come up with a win.

The Cavaliers (19-8) shot 31.6 percent from the field. The Warriors (28-1) committed 16 turnovers. They also had to overcome an injury to Stephen Curry, who struggled early before emerging late.

Draymond Green had 22 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists for the Warriors, who won their 32nd straight regular-season home game.

Check out the game recap here

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