Steps You Can Take to Bounce Back After Losing a Job

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Life Coach Valorie Burton and HR Expert, Matt Durfee share some tips on bouncing back after losing a job. Have you ever lost your job? Or have you gone for long periods without employment? If so, you may have had a similar experience like others and realized that the job seeking process can be very frustrating.

We read the daily headlines about companies that continue to cut back on their budgets and how new technology steadily impacts the labor market, making it even more difficult to land a new job. During this stressful time of unemployment, it can be very helpful to have some type of guide to help with coping and to find new employment.

Valorie, offers 4 ways to bounce back below in her video:

Matt Durfee, who is an HR expert and CEO of Navigator Executive Advisors, Inc. has been laid off nine times in his career and knows first-hand what it’s like to bounce back from a job loss. Below is a brief preview of the 3 tips Matt shared with Black Enterprise.

1. Set goals: When going through the job-searching process, Durfee advises professionals to set clear and specific goals for what they want to accomplish each week.

2. Engage in stress-relieving activities: With the process of looking for a job being stressful at times, it’s important to have a healthy engagement with the activities that bring you peace and joy.

3. Take the proper steps for financial survival: While a job loss often gives you little time to prepare for your future financially, there are a few steps professionals can take during the job hunt that will help them keep their finances intact.

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Read more details on the tips on here.

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