Kim Kardashian’s First Outfit of 2016 and Her New Year’s Resolutions

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Kim Kardashian’s First Outfit of 2016 Provides a Look of Comfort and her New Year’s Resolutions are to Lose baby weight from the birth of her son. Next, she’d like to finish up work on her house.

Kim wrote on her website:

“In the next coming months I’d obviously like to shed the baby weight. That’s the big one to accomplish first! I’d also like to finish our home next year, so we’re working hard to make decisions and meet deadlines so it gets done.

I’d like to do some really cool photo shoots for my Web site. I want to do a couple more fun weekend trips with my Twitter followers that I haven’t met yet. I also want to plan a West family vacation—it’s a project in itself to find the time!

Oh, I also want to learn how to do the splits LOL! And I’m sure I’ll think of more things along the way!”

For 2016, Kim has vowed to make her digital presence more proactive. So, it comes as no surprise that she’s already making good on her promise. On her website, Kim blogged about how “lounging around at home in pajamas” is a heavenly tradition — which is totally a FACT, pardon the pun.

“New Year’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take it easy and just relax in bed! I’m a big fan of matching pajama sets … or a onesie for a cute look that’s all about comfort,” she wrote. We couldn’t agree more.

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