Lottery Winner Marie Holmes Continues Bailing Out Boyfriend, But Whose Business Is It?

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North Carolina Powerball winner Marie Holmes continues bailing out her boyfriend while social media and talk radio seem to be all up in her business in a shaming frenzy on on how she chooses to spend her money. But whose business is it on how someone chooses to spend their money?

As the story goes, Marie Holmes was a 26-year-old single mother of four living in a trailer when she bought a winning lottery ticket to the tune of $188 million. She has made headlines several times when it was reported that she spent millions bailing out her fianceè, alleged drug dealer Lamarr ”Hot Sauce” McDow.

In a recent article Marie Holmes’ Money Is Long…And It Ain’t Yours, we are reminded that Holmes’ public life choices have sent the internet into a shaming frenzy, calling her a “dumbass,” “stupid” and several other names for bailing McDow out.

But here’s what folks are missing. For one, Holmes has $88 million at her disposal. She has spent, so far, in non-refundable bail fees, a total of $630,000 to keep her man out of jail. That is a lot of money, to be sure, but it doesn’t even represent a tenth of what is at her disposal. In just about any family in America, if you have a relative who is in jail, you’ll try to bail him out if you can afford to, even if he’s a lifelong jailbird.

In most cases, you can’t afford to, nor can many families afford decent counsel, which is why so many innocent Black men end up spending years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit.

But let’s say Mr. McDow, 31, is, in fact, guilty of what he’s accused of. Before last year, Holmes was a struggling single parent of four in a bad financial position as she readily admitted. The money was a blessing for her and her children and one she seemed to appreciate. Holmes also donated over $800,000 to her family’s church, something that got much less attention than her boyfriend’s troubles.

So, whose business is it how Marie Holmes chooses to spend her money? And will the trend of people spending far too much time on social media commenting on and cherishing the moment when someone’s life takes a downfall continue in 2016?

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Instead of worrying about how this millionaire Marie Holmes spends a few hundred thousand bailing out a loved one, let’s focus more on adding wealth to our own lives and our own checking accounts. Read the entire opinion…

Source: Black America Web

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