Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Faces National Scrutiny for Her Strategy In The Cosby Case

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Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Faces National Scrutiny for Her Strategy In The Cosby Case –

Monique Pressley is a media savvy attorney and has been appearing on the major news outlets defending her client Bill Cosby. According to Lolita Buckner Inniss, a former prosecutor and professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University. “Monique Pressley does a masterful job of turning the conversation to the message that she and the Cosby defense team want to deliver.” And maybe this is the reason her defense strategy in Bill Cosby’s case is coming under scrutiny.

Attorney for Bill Cosby defends her client: ‘It’s history’–BBtmTo2Dw

NPR broke the news on the Strategy in the Cosby Case: Pressley is a regular guest on Martin’s weekly legal segment on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. As Pressley tells it, one of Cosby’s “loyal supporters” heard her talking about his case on the radio show and suggested he hire her. Martin says, for Pressley, “there is no comfort zone” in this kind of high-stakes, emotionally charged case being played out in the public arena. “In some ways, Monique is on a lonely journey,” says Martin.

The decision to hire her is also strategic, says Buckner Inniss.

“Her gender and her race matter, because Bill Cosby is being charged with sexual assault of several women. A large number of those women are white women. I think there’s a certain extent to which the idea of racial solidarity plays in here,” says Buckner Inniss. “The idea that if an intelligent, well-spoken black woman stands with Bill Cosby on this, then perhaps some of those people who accuse Bill Cosby are lying.”

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Buckner Inniss urges people watching the Cosby coverage to be skeptical.

She says there will be “an epic demonstration of theatrics and legal performances” from both sides.

Bill Cosby’s Attorney Speaks Out On Defamation Lawsuit | MSNBC

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Grills Cosby Attorney: Are His Accusers Lying?

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