Lifetime TV Star of “Bring It” Dianna Williams Admits Starring In Adult Films

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Lifetime TV Star of “Bring It” Dianna “Miss D” Williams Admits Starring In Adult Films –

The porn past of Lifetime star Dianna “Miss D” Williams may be coming back to put a dent in her thriving career as a successful and sought after choreographer.

The reality TV star has admitted in the past to starring in adult films during her teenage years, and a quick Google search reveals that those films are starting to surface.

37-year old Dianna was initially hesitant to sign on to her hit “Bring It!” series out of fear that the tapes would embarrass her family.

“I originally said no because I felt like my past was going to hurt my kids… [But] after talking to the producers about my life and making decisions that could benefit somebody else and getting over it basically,” she said in the interview with Madam Noire. “I prayed about it. I talked to my husband about it, who was aware when we started dating.”

Dianna escaped the porn hustle through dance. She started the Dancing Dolls in 2001 and opened Dollhouse Dance Factory in 2012. “Bring It!” has showcased the day-to-day activities of the award-winning Jackson, Miss.-based troupe since 2014. The Dancing Dolls recently filmed their semi-finale show during the first annual Arkansas Extreme Showdown 2016.

“Starting the Dancing Dolls was not only a way for me to redeem myself and a way to do something good, but to help somebody else as well. These kids..They’re like me,” Williams told Christian Post. “I tell them..utilize me as a walking, talking example of what not to do as a kid. But at the same time I want them to understand that people make mistakes and there is a God out there that does forgive and allows you to redeem yourself and move on.”

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“Bring It!” is now in its third season and airs Fridays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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