Marjorie Reveals Details for Her Lavish Beauty Fashion Looks

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Marjorie Reveals Details for Her Lavish Beauty Fashion Looks –

Marjorie Harvey is a self-described “fashion virtuoso,” mother and creator of the blog “The Lady Loves Couture,” who regularly documents her stylish and well-traveled life for her many followers online.

Steve Harvey stated, “A lot of women ask about my wife’s looks and want to start the New Year with a bold new look! And what better way to brave the new season than by putting your best face forward.”

On his website, Steve shared all the insider details for Marjorie’s sultry yet fresh-faced looks.

Photo credit: IamSteveHarvey

Photo credit: IamSteveHarvey


For the lids…

Lancome Audacity in Paris ($68)


Prettify the pout with a pure classic red…

Lancome L’ Absolu Rogue Definition In Le Carmin


HP Collection Brazilian One-Piece Semi Full ($160)

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