Nuwla the E-Commerce Sight Connecting Black Entrepreneurs with Black Consumers

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Nuwla the E-Commerce Sight for Black Entrepreneurs –

Black consumers have a purchasing power of nearly 1 trillion, according to the recent State of the African-American Consumer Report from information and analytics company Nielsen. Sadly less than three cents of those dollars are actually returned to black-owned businesses, leaving black consumers heavily dependent on other cultures for the lion’s share of their products and services, and ultimately dependent for jobs. The black community has been rallying its own to “Buy Black,” often at the risk of those sentiments being flagged as inappropriate on popular social media outlets.

Where Do Those Black Dollars Go?, launched by entrepreneur David P. Fenelus, is an online resource designed to connect Black consumers with Black business owners. is an information-sharing forum and marketplace, where members of the African diaspora can freely view and share blog posts, articles, and video content by, for, and about the black community. is also an e-commerce platform, where black entrepreneurs can upload profiles for their products and services. It is also a social networking site where members can engage, connect, profit, and support other members of the black conscious community through a variety of convenient site tools:

* A black-owned email service provider (the first in existence) from one of three standard Webmail applications: Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail.

* Android TV Box: an operating system that allows viewers to plug-in FREE of charge and access the wide world of live television, TV shows, sporting events, photos, music and more, without incurring monthly subscription fees.

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* Advertising: banner space, sidebar, logos, etc.

* E-commerce business store and online shopping mall for black-owned products and services.

* Newsfeed and newsletters.

* And open forum where people of the black diaspora can express cultural pride freely and share views on sensitive topics. markets and promote blog articles. Its newsfeed updates with the information of interest to members of the black diaspora. The easy-to-use site assists black consumers in finding the products they need from black-owned businesses, thereby serving to further assist the community in retaining its own wealth.

Since launching in May of 2015, the site has attracted well over 2 million unique visitors. “‘Nuwla’ is a Creole word. In the English language, it translates to ‘we are here,’” says David P. Fenelus, president and founder. “We want black web users to consider Nuwla as our own collective and go-to site for information, resources and everything needed, pertaining to the black community, black culture, and black owned products and services.”

Founder of, David P. Fenelus

Founder of, David P. Fenelus

David P. Fenelus is of Haitian decent and launched Nuwla with funding aquired solely from black investors. For more information or for a FREE subscription, visit

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