Slaves of Social Media Snatched Away to Work the Plantation Fields

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Slaves of Social Media Snatched Away to Work the Plantation Fields-

As social media users, are we similar to the kidnapped slaves who were shackled to one another and marched along the coasts of Africa to awaiting ships that were part of a sophisticated trading network that existed to collect people and put them up for sale?

If you don’t think so, then just take a look at your timeline and your news feed… What do you see? Surely, you must notice your collection of friends and followers. Now ask yourself, to where and to what am I leading my friends and followers to?

In a multitude of ways, we have voluntarily allowed ourselves to become part of a sophisticated network of social media slave traders as we gather and collect groups of people to be auctioned off for sale. We play a big part in this slave trading alliance where others profit while we suffer, celebrate, and embrace family and friends, all the while sharing and exposing our daily lives to the public.
sale of slaves

We’ve allowed our humanity and dignity to be snatched away and now we are slaves owned by Social Media. Virtual chains have replaced the heavy chain linked shackles worn around our necks and ankles. Now, we are linked together by URLs, hashtags, and usernames. No longer are we picking cotton or cropping tobacco in the fields. But instead, we stand tall in our mirrors and lay across twin sized beds posing for selfies. We spend countless agonizing hours cropping, editing, and photo shopping our pics before we decide to finally post them on our timelines for the public to see.

Watch How We’ve Become Slaves of Social Media below:

Much like slaves of the past on a plantation except without force or lashings from the master’s whip, we rise and shine in the mornings to login and go to work in the fields. We accept new friend requests and invite a few friends in to join our journey. We can’t see the virtual shackles, but yet we can feel the powerful weight and force of these virtual chains. They compel us to tweet, snapchat, post, share, and like. Some of us work the Social Media plantation fields night and day,only stopping to sleep for a few hours out of the day. Even then we are reminded of our oppression. Like the overpowered slave in a an endless state of captivity, we are forced to perform work. We do so by reminding others that we sleep, eat, style our hair, and go to the restroom via a post or tweet about it.

As hundreds of followers link to our social media pages, we submit ourselves and our virtual friends to a lifelong journey of posting and sharing pictures and videos to a timeline in hopes of receiving at least 250 likes or more. Our cry and need to go viral is much different from the slave’s cry that went out to warn others of a life of misery. A life in a world of torment without much sleep, food, or drink. Today, our torment is found in the field of social media. When we post a pic and receive 200 likes, our self esteem soars. But the moment, we post a pic and no one cares to like or share it, we feel as if we’ve received a hundred lashings from the master’s whip.

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While our photo post with 200 likes gets pushed to a thousand of our Facebook friends’ news feeds, revenue from advertisers flood the master’s bank account and we are left to survive from the crumbs we’ve collected from our $10 an hour 9 to 5 jobs. As we work in the field, we brag and boast to the other slaves about our accomplishments. We ask our friends to pray for us. We spread cheer and inspiration while posting warnings to our so called “haters.” As the months go by, you realize you’ve attracted 5,000 friends and have over 19,000 followers, but who made all the dollars while you worked hard in the field?

Again, we are reminded of the virtual chains that we’ve willingly put on and wear proudly and shameless around our necks. We have become slaves; trained to create and post content that will be harvested like crops from a field. Our plantation is occupied by billions just like us. Even the wealthiest business owners, along with athletes, celebrities, and entertainers have willfully adorned the virtual chains that link us together as slaves of Social Media.

Watch the Auction Block below:

How did we let this happen to us? Are we not smart enough to realize we are being controlled? As we work in the field of torment, who is profiting from our sweat, our blood, and our tears?

There’s no doubt that someone is profiting from what you share for free. Just like the harvested crops from the fields worked by the healthiest and strongest slaves on plantations, the more shares and likes our posted videos receive, the more valuable our stock rises. Our viral videos replenish and nourish the plantation grounds as they are viewed by millions. This content much like the cotton and tobacco crops is harvested and taken to the market where the master is rewarded with millions of dollars. Our profiles are searched on Google and our photos are tagged while we celebrate our 15 minutes of social media fame.

At some point, as slaves of social media, we may arrive at the conclusion that we may never be able to escape from the plantation and it’s heavy virtual chains that link us together. The day will come when we no longer rely on the number of followers, shares, or likes to stroke our egos and caress our vanity.

One day we will all wake up to realize that we have been freed from the social media plantation. But until that day comes, we’ll have to become more creative in finding ways to profit and capitalize from the platform of social media. If your virtual chains exist only to link your content to someone else’s bank account, then why should you SHARE?

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