The View: Candace Cameron Bure Walks off Set After Whoopi Rants About the Oscars

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Co-Host Candace Cameron Bure Walks off Set After Whoopi Rants About the Oscars –

During Tuesday’s episode, co-host Candace Cameron Bure walked off set following Goldberg’s rant and during a commercial break. Goldberg told the audience that her absence had nothing to do with the subject at hand and that the Fuller House star was actually sick.

According to US Weekly, Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg took a moment on her show The View to discuss Jada’s request to boycott the Oscars. While Whoopi agreed with Pinkett Smith that there needed to be better opportunities for actors and actresses of color, Goldberg also called Jada’s boycott a “slap in the face” to this year’s Oscar host, Chris Rock.

According to She Knows, The panel had been discussing the Oscars boycott among actors and actresses who are disappointed about the lack of diversity in this year’s award nominations, something Goldberg feels very strongly about. And in the heat of the discussion, Goldberg turned the tables on Bure, saying, “Well, you know what, I talk about God, you gotta talk about these damn movies,”

What shocked viewers most is when the show cut from the commercial break, Bure was gone. But if you thought it was because she couldn’t handle the heat, you would be wrong.

Attempting to put an end to any speculation, Goldberg told the audience that Bure had not been feeling well before her departure.

Bure took to Twitter to confirm she wasn’t feeling well.

Candace Cameron Bure Speaks Out After Walking Off “View”

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