Aziah ‘Zola’ Wells Gets a Movie Deal From Story Shared on Twitter

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Aziah ‘Zola’ Wells Gets a Movie Deal From Story Shared on Twitter

This mostly true tale via multiple tweets of the “adventures” of two Detroit women, Zola and Jessica who shared a common bond as dancers, set Twitter afire. The story has captured the attention of the media, filmmakers, and celebrities.

The black and white duo meet in a Michigan Hooters and ended up “trapping” down in Florida accompanied by a pimp and Jessica’s boyfriend.

[Read tweets of the entire story]

Twitter Zola Story

According to The Washington Post, on Oct. 27, a 19-year-old Detroit woman named Aziah Wells tweeted a story that’s since been read by millions: In it, she describes an eyebrow-raising weekend trip with a woman she barely knows, her overbearing pimp, and the woman’s teary, manic-depressive boyfriend. Wells, who thought she was going along to dance in high-end strip clubs, is surprised to find out her acquaintance is actually in Tampa to “trap.” And from there, the surprises just keep coming: a kidnapping, a fatal shooting, a suicide attempt.

Aziah 'Zola' Wells reports that James Franco will direct the project from a script by Neel and Mike Roberts which is based on David Kushner’s story for Rolling Stone, published in November and titled “Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted.”
Zola Movie

Kushner’s story was billed as an exclusive account of Wells’ 148-count tweet about her October road trip to Florida with her friend Jessica, Jessica’s boyfriend Jarrett, and Jessica’s violent Nigerian pimp “Z.”

Zola Story

More on the Washington Post story of Aziah…


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