5 Irresistible Hair Styles That Look Great on Black Women

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5 Irresistible Hair Styles That Look Great on Black Women

Black Curly Pixie
This style is proof that hair is the richest ornament a woman can own. Marvel at the way that large curls rest lazily upon the crown. Too long to form tight coils but short enough to deliver bounded volume. Notice the soft tapering at the temples which graduates into deliberate sideburns to add even more depth of character.

Curly Pixie

Fun Puffy Style
Medium length for natural hair often turns out challenging for African American women when it comes to styling. But here we see an awesome example of medium puffy hairstyle. Pay particular attention to the ends of your hair, keep them conditioned, tangle-free, trimmed and moisturized.
Fun Puffy

Curly Weave with Elizabethan Touch
Two features compete for praise with this blast from the past style. Let’s start at the top where the hair sleekly parts in the middle and curves elegantly into the bohemian style curls to create a super cute frame for the face. Extensions can transform any girl from plain Jane into striking Goldilocks in no time at all.
Weave With Elizabeth Touch

Long Black Layered Weave
A partial sew is all it takes to create a sultry mane of striking hair that falls in many layers of flavor. The restrained long side fringe is punched up with tantalizing flicks that swirl gracefully around the neck and down both shoulders.
Black Layered Weave

Corkscrew Curls
Here’s a heavily textured style for black women who crave layers of strong tight curls for maximum oomph. The sides cascade softly around the neckline but the back continues to deliver tons of curls and endlessly drapes those beautiful crochet braids all the way down the spine. Curly weave hairstyles create a look where volume is high on the agenda.

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