Short Inspiring Natural Hairstyles

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1: Funky Mohawk with Blue Grey Ends – The silvery hue adds an instant dose of coolness to warm complexions for a look that is anything but regular. When you pair this popular color with a rocker-chic sassy Mohawk, you get the perfect edgy and trendy.



2: Sectioned Mohawk with Small Coils – This style works for those who can’t pull the hair into a ponytail.  Pinning the hair to the middle of the head gets the hair out of your face.



3.  Natural with Closely Clipped Sides – This wild curly style oozes sex appeal and confidence.  The bang like effect that adds a mystery to your look is created by tapering the curls in the back and allowing them to grow longer in the front.



4.  The Two-tone Haircut with Design – The blonde color on top makes this style pop and the parted design adds a bit of interest.



5. Coily Icicles – Firm coils solves the problem of excessive volume and unruly hair.  Coils stick out at random teasingly expressing a touch of rowdiness.



6.  Asymmetry with Flat Twists –  Making one side sleek with flat twists while letting all the hair rest on the other side, makes a pretty impressive hairstyle with a neat and refined look.



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