Fashion Model Tia Alex In Pursuit of Her Biggest Dream

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Fashion Model Tia Alex In Pursuit of Her Biggest Dream

T’ia Williams, also known as ModelTIA, Tia Alex hails from New Orleans, Louisiana.   Tia moved to New York to pursue her dreams of becoming a top model and plans on starting college, modeling and acting classes next month.

The talented, aspiring model explained, “Sometimes you realize that you just can’t do it by yourself. I think that trying something different for a change can’t hurt.  For years I have been paying for shoots, getting comp cards, portfolio together, clothes, makeup, eating healthy, reaching out & trying to meet with agencies.

Tia is not one to let any opportunity pass her by. Having invested so much time, creativity, passion, money, effort, tears and much much more into making her dream come true, she has  started her own funding campaign.

Tia stated, “I am not signed yet, and I didn’t come from a fortunate family. So, I’m starting a GOFUNDME to help me to keep going, prospering.”

For those of us who believe in anyone with a dream, everyone surrounding me that needs a miracle just as much as I do!! THIS IS LITERALLY MY LIFE! Please visit the GOFUNDME  campaign to donate.

Check out the clips below:

A video posted by Its T ‘ I A (@modeltia.alex) on

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