Woman Searches for Her Birth Mother then Finds Out Her Mom is Her Co-worker

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Woman Searches for Her Birth Mother for 15 Years and Finds Out Her Mom is her Co-worker

Jenny Thomas is 40 years old and resides in Rochester, NY.  Since age 4, she has known she was adopted and has spent nearly half  of her adult life trying to find her birth mother.

NY Post –  After spending more than 15 years intermittently trying to track her down on the Internet, it wasn’t until Thomas signed up for the new TLC reality show “Long Lost Family” that she learned the truth: She had not only seen her birth mother before, but worked alongside her for two years.

Photo: Daily Mail

Photo: Daily Mail

I didn’t expect that, not in a million years.”“I was just in shock,” Thomas tells The Post of first seeing her mother’s photograph. “I had looked in so many faces for so many years, [thinking] ‘Could that be her? Is she looking at me because she knows me?’ All the while I had looked at the woman who once knew me as her daughter.

The two women met 10 years ago, when Thomas was working as a part-time patient care technician at a Rochester hospital, and her mother, Nita Valdez, was a patient transporter. They interacted on a regular basis to move patients from their rooms to rehabilitation therapy, and while Thomas says they worked well together, she never noticed a physical or emotional connection.  Read more…


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