Curvy Women Confessionals: Welcome to the Struggles Black Women Face with Body Image

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Curvy Women Confessionals – Welcome to the Struggles Black Women Face

EBONY kicks off Women’s History Month charging head on with the March 2016 cover story featuring 4 curvy women in the limelight — Gabi Fresh, Jazmine Sullivan, Danielle Brooks and Chrisette Michelle who discuss the obsession-rejection, push-pull, love-hate relationship society has with black women’s physiques.

“I’m okay with being seen as big.”  Gabi Fresh

“I’m a size 14 in dresses, 16 in pants.” Danielle Brooks

“I’m way more than the physical.” Chrisette Michelle

“And there I was, a young thick girl with this strong voice.” Jazmine Sullivan

The CurvyConfessionals article

In the cover story, titled “The Curvy Confessionals,” Tomika Anderson leads a conversation about body image, Black women and self-acceptance.

What would be evoked in you, readers, if I said said the women photographed here—Grammy winner Chrisette Michele, 33; R&B chart topper Jazmine Sullivan, 28; Orange Is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks, 26; and plus-size blogger and swimwear designer Gabi Fresh, 26)—and I were sitting around a steakhouse table selecting from family-style options including filet mignon, roasted chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, creamy spinach, salad and, eff it, cheesecake? Would you frown in disgust? Shake your head? Cheer us on? Think nothing of it?

Those of us who identify as chunky, curvy, plus-size, big, ample, full-figured, BBW, big-boned, thick, voluptuous, heavy-set or fat are fully aware of the obsession-rejection, push-pull, love-hate relationship society has with our physiques. What others may think about what we do or don’t eat doesn’t matter; the greater judgments, regardless of whether they are favorable, come from within.

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Ebony March Cover

Photographs by Keith Major

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