Wife of Ex Miami Dolphin, Brent Grimes Is a Distraction and Teams are Reluctant to Sign Him

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Wife of Ex Miami Dolphin, Brent Grimes Is a Distraction and Teams are Reluctant to Sign Him

According to the latest reports, although Brent Grimes is looking for a new team to sign with, at least three coaches have told a journalist at the Bleacher Report that they don’t want to give him a chance because they feel his wife would be a distraction to the team.

Larry Brown Sports writes:

Grimes’ wife, Miko, is a total loose cannon. She has been known to threaten reporters on Twitter and make comments about players that lead to tension in the locker room. On Thursday, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole said he was told by three NFL general managers that they are not interested in Brent because of Miko.

“Miko Grimes was primarily the reason why the Dolphins asked (Brent) to take a pay cut and ultimately cut him,” Cole said. “Miko Grimes has made threats toward reporters and did again on Wednesday after her husband was cut.”

Earlier this week, Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald reported that the Dolphins were looking to trade Grimes rather than release him, but they had trouble finding takers because of his wife. Miko later went off on Salguero and threatened him in a series of tweets.

Miko never apologizes for speaking her mind, but she has been a distraction on numerous occasions, like when she went off on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill last season. And it’s not just her controversial tweets — Miko was also arrested for battery and resisting arrest before a game. It’s no surprise that teams don’t think dealing with her is worth it to sign a cornerback who will be 33 next season.


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