Tosha Makia: How She Overcame Obesity and Deep Depression

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Tosha Makia: How She Overcame Obesity and Deep Depression –

Imagine being voted “One of the 50 Sexiest Single Latinas in New York City,” by The New York Post then waking up one day to find out you are unable to walk, you’ve lost your job, and you’re overweight, struggling with depression, high blood pressure, and on the verge of being diabetic.

Well, that’s just the beginning of Tosha Makia’s Story…

Tosha Makia 2

I used to have high blood pressure & was on the verge of diabetes.  I remember trying to sleep and waking up because it was hard to breathe. I’d snack at 2am, but it would be baddddddd.  There were many times I’d cry because I didn’t like myself & at times I’d take it out on the wrong people with words.  Sometimes it would happen on the radio while working and at times with those I love.

Transformation Tosha Makia

In the beginning I didn’t have someone there to tell me “if you see this through you will save yourself from yourself.”  I had to trust in God and myself to see me through.  I used all my anger, heartbreak and pain to push me & it worked!??

See in my family food, family and music brings us all together.  That’s no excuse but I now have huge respect for food. Many didn’t know but I used to be an emotional eater and with life’s ups and down it can try to sneak up on you but I’m focused and my babies are watching.  I’m their 1st example and for that i will not slack or settle with anything.

I didn’t know what “eating healthy” was.  Every time I thought I was making a healthy decision, it was actually a bad one.

Tosha Makia 145


I started training for me but more so because I was tired of my excuses to my kids as to why I couldn’t go outside, play, take a simple walk or just simply take them to the playground.  One day my son said “Mommy, I already know, your back hurts and you’re tired” THAT was the last time I sat on my ass.  I then knew I had to push myself to see if i could truly make it happen.  If I can do it, so can YOU!   Change your thoughts & watch your life change! Promise!

The beauty about training is that the more you continue to train, the more your body will change. Im human. I’m not perfect.  Recently I’ve had some funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn cheat days? but now its time to see what’s under this.  Changing up my training and killing cardio BIG time.  I’m never not growing, I’m never not changing.  I take life one day at a time and make it the  best that I possibly can…that’s with everything, just so I don’t miss “moments & great lessons.”


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